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In 2008, the Global Financial Crisis and subsequent bailouts fostered an wave of mistrust and resentment towards Wall St and the wider financial system.

Many people felt the moral hazard, the idea that overleveraged institutions could be bailed out by governments for reckless lending, meant the system needed a fundamental…

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In a previous article, I explained the use cases for NFTs and explained how most of them are created on the Ethereum network.

Despite their potential to use them for industrial purposes, such as tracking ownership of digital goods and analysing inventory throughout a supply chain, one significant barrier has…

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Two months ago, the Wall St Silver subreddit surprised markets by trying to drain the COMEX of silver.

They might have fallen short, but not before lifting the silver price about 20% from January 29 to February 2, before it dropped down to previous levels. …

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Boomers, Millennials, Zoomers — we’re constantly talking about our generations.

These words influence the strategy of corporations, charities and governments alike, while the media and education system integrate it into our consciousness. Each name carries an expectation of how each group behaves, what they value, buy, watch and avoid.


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One of the biggest features of blockchain technology is not trusting a central authority. As long as a central authority has the power to record transactions and define which are valid, there is opportunity for that authority to misuse that power and manipulate transactions.

The creators of Bitcoin and other…

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A Small Correction: In this article I refer to Earth2 as a blockchain technology, however this is not the case. Question 82 on Earth2's FAQ page says using the blockchain is not a decision they have made yet.

When I first heard the term NFT in the news this month…

While in between jobs, I’m building SaaS software.

After spending a couple of years working on enterprise software, one area I really liked was task and workflow management software — so I’m building my own.

Although I work as a business analyst, I understand technical concepts and I wanted to…

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A certification from Amazon Web Services is a great way to expand your career options. In Q2 of 2020, AWS holds the largest highest market share of cloud infrastructure service providers at 33%, followed by Azure (18%) and Google Cloud (9%)1.

With more organisations looking to migrate and build their…

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Recently I was asked to investigate BigPicture, an addon for Jira, and assess the value it could provide to a software project.

After an investigation of the tools was complete, it made sense to publish the results so others could benefit from the research.

The Big Picture

BigPicture is a Jira Add-On that…

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